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The new knowledge management and workflow stack

Clausehound's knowledge management specialists will help you to move knowledge, to and from individuals and teams, whether locally or far away, by organizing and concording the way your teams view and consume that knowledge.

Our mission is to increase the clarity and transparency of your team's most complicated decisions.

Clausehound is a specialized software agency that builds document and knowledge tools, for product design teams that support educators and trainers, governments and their citizens, law firms and legal teams, and large or small businesses. 

Our team is balanced with heavy document readers (lawyers), technologists, and business analysts who are experienced in the problems knowledge capture, organization, and real-time presentation to provide effective and useful support. 

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The potential of a taxonomic approach to decision making

Large and complicated documents contain laws, insurance policies, mortgages, and many of the most important contracts and decisions that are made by individuals, businesses, and governments. 

Value can be discovered in a clause-by-clause comparison of concepts if properly organized, to understand confusion trends, friction points, long-term usefulness, and the long term risks and costs. 

Our mission is to increase the transparency of large and text-heavy documents, to bring clarity and efficiency to decision-making. 

Accessibility of content is at the core of our products, we help to map knowledge workflows so that information can land in the hands of the reader, is organized and understandable manner, allowing both a macro-level view of the knowledge and content, as well as a microscopic view of the nuances that often exist when dealing with complex scenarios. 

Our History

Our founder's first job was at a public library.  Now, we reorganize the analog shelves of books within libraries to create “living” documents with moving parts. 

We're very proud of our services team and software that works to “burst” open documents  to support organizations for a variety of analytical, discussion, sales, costing, operational, and policy-setting purposes 

Solutions rooted in code and design

Knowledge manage projects are unique in terms of your knowledge and document capture and processing stack, but are common in the cadence of knowledge creation, and the challenges of multimodal queries, and information consumption and creation.   

This means that integration with your various tools and workflow are essential for the efficacy of your knowledge capture and deployment solutions. 

Infinite knowledge capture

Our out of the box tools capture everything, from redlines to comments, to versions, to social media mentions in neat, discrete packages, that are ready to deploy via API. 

Industry-leading documentation

Our extensively documented APIs contain everything a business needs to build a custom integration in a fraction of the time. 

Support for the developer community

We actively contribute to open-source projects—giving back to the community through software development. 

Thriving partner ecosystem

Third-party integrations with document management platforms, CRMs, AI/ML engines and digital signing tools number in the hundreds and are growing.  Our team provides pre-built libraries or works with your development team to develop custom integrations that make sense for your workflow.  

We interface directly with your knowledge technology provider's software teams to develop these integrations, so you don't have to. 

Workflow mapping and solution design

Knowledge tagging 

Expert commentary mapping and concordence 

Annotations, Tacit knowledge capture, decision gathering 

Gap processing


Taxonomic inventory and updating 

Audit and compliance tools, document radar 

Collaboratative drafting and negotiation, document abstracts 

Document assembly and digital signing 




Clausehound is headquartered in Toronto, with offices in New York City and Beijing.   

For drafters, researchers, auditors of massive volumes of content.

Puzzle-solving by meta detecting. Auditing a stack of contracts is a puzzle, collect meta (user comments, version decisions, and rationale) automatically.

And through clause organization. Policy research is a cross-jurisdictional matching exercise, parse hundreds of related policies into our data exchange for research with an owl's-eye view and an exponential pace.

Ecosystem of Knowledge Tools

Information routing and integration to escalate questions and capture decisions directly to and from your most frequent tools (email, document management, project management, CRM, billing, others) without losing efficacy

API and security and permissions

Meta Elevator and Data Exchange

Meta Dimensions