Knowledge Management Software Services

Hire our team of lawyers and software engineers to solve your specialized knowledge management problems and to build capacity for prototype development or large knowledge migration projects.

We supply a knowledge management SWAT (specialized workflow and tactics) team of software engineers, content management specialists, lawyers, and business analysts. 

We also supply customized and pre-built knowledge capture software, tools, and widgets. We have built many widgets and tools to support knowledge management, content management, document assembly solutions, with a specialization in tacit knowledge capture and redeployment. 

Organizing library content for 35 years 

Government Use Cases 

City-wide mandate to provide small business legal training

Case Studies


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Better Learning. Better Insights. Better Actions.



From contemporary platforms like Atlassian to cloud-based solutions including Google Suite, Sharepoint, and AWS, to legacy software such as COBOL, we offer clients libraries to support enterprise-wide integration. 

Tools for Every Stack

A scalable KM team, deploying the world’s most integratable knowledge collection, management and collaboration tools, and APIs.

Our team has invested in the document management and assembly tools, workflow and financial system integrations, and information abstractions, so that you can focus on the workflow mapping and subject matter elements, of making use of the powerful knowledge held within your organization. 

Your team can avoid spending months or years integrating your internal tools to pass your discussions, know-how, and other complex document information from one system to another. That's what we do. 

Designed for Document Management and Knowledge Management Professionals

Law Firm Use Cases 

Mandate to convert nearly a thousand law firm paper minute books into a digital and document assembly solution

Business Operations Use Cases 

Mandate to provide sales agents with a "standards guide" for closing contractual deals

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Contact us to access our API, discuss our approaches to "layering knowledge" or to brainstorm with us about solutions to your knowledge capture problems.

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We work with KM teams, software consultants, and agencies in the areas of: 

Governments on topics related to public policy, before and after it becomes law 

Insurance, banking, commercial real estate, and other document-heavy industries 

Education, around digitizing textbooks and training of complex topics 

Law firms and large legal team knowledge and document automation, audit and compliance tools and automations 

About Us

We will design, prototype, and create scalable custom solutions for problems related to the taxonomy, text and data collection, management, and analysis for the massive text documents that they manage.

Our team will support your document, knowledge, and content management professionals

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